Episode 44 with Brillante Maestra y Escritora de (My Mother is a Superhero/¡Mi Mama es Una Superheroína) Children’s Book



Show Notes and Links to CJ Charles’ Work

On Episode 44, Pete is happy to welcome the author of My Mother Is a SUPERHERO/¡Mi Mamá Es Una Superheroína!, Caryn “CJ” Charles.

CJ Charles is a native of Los Angeles and a proud child of the 80's and 90's! She is a writer, Spanish teacher, and educational consultant. From an early age, her mother taught her to read and appreciate books. CJ's been story writing since the first grade. My Mom is a Superhero is a love letter to her mother and an ode to supermoms everywhere! She hopes you enjoy getting to know her characters in her debut children's book.


Buy My Mother Is a SUPERHERO/¡Mi Mamá Es Una Superheroína!

Book Review in Kidlio Magazine


At around 3:00, Caryn talks about how she was introduced to Spanish at an early age, and her constant exposure to print media and books as a kid; she also talks about teachers and students (and her mom!) being surprised by her Spanish prowess


At around 8:15, Caryn talks about having pride in being an African-American Spanish teacher and finding so many connections


At around 11:00, Caryn talks about what she was reading as a kid, and which writers and texts thrilled


At around 13:55, Caryn talks about her high school and college reading and her early writing that recreated her real life


At around 14:55, Caryn talks about a major change in her fields of study in college


At around 17:55, Caryn discusses her 2021 reading


At around 18:55, Caryn discusses the inspirations for (her incredible Mom who inspires her daily!) and the beginnings of her book, My Mother Is a SUPERHERO/¡Mi Mamá Es Una Superheroína!


At around 20:45, Caryn explains the importance of superheroes in her life and the need to let children know that superheroes are all around us


At around 21:45, Caryn discusses how she and Shiela Alejandro connected and shared their visions


At around 23:30, Caryn writes about rhyming in her book and her thought process and research, as well as how writing for a younger age opened up her creativity 


At around 28:15, Caryn talks about her mother’s reaction to Caryn’s book, a tribute to her beloved mom


At around 29:00, Caryn talks about the storyline of the book


At around 30:10, Caryn discusses her rationale for making her narrator the age she did


At around 31:20, Caryn discusses how she finally threw out the idea of a confining structure for her book, and how writing more freely helped the story come alive


At around 34:15, Caryn discusses how she balanced the different types of Spanish in writing her book


At around 36:55, Caryn discusses the balance between commercialism and art with her book, and her desire to provide readers with diverse characters of color representative of many cultures and groups 


At around 41:15, Caryn talks about her second book that she is finishing-the teacher as a superhero!


At around 43:15, Caryn reads from My Mother Is a SUPERHERO/¡Mi Mamá Es Una Superheroína!

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