Episode 49 with The Fun and Well-Read and Witty Fernandez Brothers, Hosts of The Brothers F Bookcast


Show Notes and Links to The Brothers Fernandez Work and Allusions/Texts from Episode 49


On Episode 49, Pete talks with the five Fernandez brothers about their love of literature, their awesome family ties, great literature, especially that of Latin America, and their podcast-The Brothers F-which can be found here.


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At about 1:30, Juan Carlos, Andrés, Francisco, Diego, and Juan Pablo give their background


At about 3:00, the brothers talk about their childhood background with reading and the full bookshelves at home, and they shout out some of their favorite books, comic strips, authors, and texts


At about 16:00, the brothers talked about the books and texts that have given them “chills at will,” including Laura Hillebrand’s incredible and impeccable Unbroken, Agatha Christie’s short stories, Virginia Wolff’s Mrs. Dalloway, William Faulkner’s The Sound and The Fury, Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, “La Escritura de Dios” by Jorge Luis Borges, and “Good Old Neon” by David Foster Wallace.


At about 23:00, Pete talks about his love of Unbroken, including the many parallels between Louis Zamperini and Pete’s grandpa, Joe Albanese


At about 27:45, the brothers talk about their podcast, including its origins and its philosophy 


At about 32:05, the brothers discuss George Saunders’ greatness


At about 36:45, Juan Pablo, an 8th-grader (!), talks about his reading list


At about 38:15, Pete uses the formative text, Cinco Maestros, to discuss great works in Spanish, including “El Evangelio Según Marcos” by Jorge Luis Borges, which Pete covered here on Episode Seven and “No Oyes Ladrar Los Perros” by Juan Rulfo, which Pete covered here on Episode Three


At about 44:50, Francisco talks about his and the family’s hopes in connecting to more literature in Spanish


At about 51:00, Pete talks about some incredible short stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, including the allusion-rich, symbolism-heavy “El Ahogado Más Hermoso del Mundo,” and “Alguien Desordena Estas Rosas,” which Pete covered here in Episode Four


At 1:01:10, the brothers talk about upcoming projects and episodes


At 1:04:10, the brothers talk about their process in getting the five bros together for recording their podcasts

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