Episode 52 with The Philharmonik, Deep Thinker, Excellent Lyricist, and Standout Musician


The Philharmonik is an American hip hop, future soul R & B recording artist, and producer from Sacramento, California.

The Philharmonik debuted in 2018 with the album “The Philharmonik.”  His album includes feature songs like “Neon Lights”, “Mama’s House (feat. Hobo Johnson), “Pay me” and “Good Day” offer a variety of styles which appeal to a wide audience base. Hi album was released under Sol Collective’s record label shortly after his winter 2016 video release of Mama’s House.” The Philharmonik remains an independent artist.

The Philharmonik’s musical beginnings started in Cleveland, Ohio where he was born. He began taking classical piano at the age of 5 after he attended a concert with his mom. When he returned home from the concert he began to play songs he heard note for note. His family signed him up for piano lessons with a teacherwho played for the Cleveland Orchestra and thus his training began. 

The Philharmonik was inspired by the great legends in music early on, as it was not uncommon to hear the likes of Bach, Beethoven, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan Michael Jackson, Lou Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Earth, Wind & Fire, Ozzy Osbourne, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Santana, The Beatles and a few hundred other artists playing around the house. Composers such as Hans Zimmer and James Horner and country music artists Willie Nelson & Johnny Cash, were on the list. 

The Philharmonik even participated in a community choir and church choir. Cutting his mom’s dreams short, The Philharmonik ended his participation when he could no longer hold back the rhythm in his soul set afire after he discovered hip-hop. His Hip-Hop and R&B Artist inspirations include Kanye West, The Roots, Outkast, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, India Arie, Alicia Keys, Common and Chance the Rapper just to name a few.   


The Philharmonik is known for his electrifying live performances at Sol Collective, Harlow’s, The Tree Tone Records, OnTheBlock Party and at various venues in the Northern California area. In 2019, he went on his first national tour, opening for Hobo Johnson and Lovemakers alongside Nate Curry and Mom Jeans.



Links to The Philharmonik’s Work and Allusions/References Made in the Episode


At about 4:15, Christian/The Philharmonik discusses his early influences in music, including his first exposure to hip hop


At about 5:30, Christian talks about being “classically-trained”


At about 8:15, Christian talks about the formative power of Parliament in his life and music


At about 11:30, Christian talks about Cleveland and Sacramento’s entertainment scenes and how they have influenced him and his music


At about 14:00, Christian talks about writers who inspired him in his music journey, especially hip hop artists and hip hop’s lyrical influence on him


At about 16:25, Christian talks about his reading habits and educational philosophy in using his “mind [as a] weapon”


At about 17:10, Christian discusses the background and meaning of “The Philharmonik”


At about 18:30, Christian discusses her early performing practice and his first performance in 2015


At about 21:00, Christian talks about what current musicians inspire him


At about 23:10, Christian talks about non-musical inspirations, including philosophy that inspires reflection


At about 24:00, Christian talks about his writing process


At about 27:45, Christian talks about “ownership of songs” and collaboration and how it feels to have listeners react to his music in different ways


At about 29:40, Christian talks about his nationwide tour in 2019/2020


At about 32:00, Christian talks about his incredibly memorable-he describes it as “a magical moment”-performances with the legendary Sway (Calloway) and its lasting effects on him


At about 38:45, Christian talks about his self-titled 2018 album, including his hit song “Mamá’s House” with Hobo Johnson, “Self Love,” and “Good Day”


At about 43:45, Christian talks about the powerful and moving song “20 Rounds,” talking about the police murder of Stephon Clark in 2018 in Sacramento


At about 53:05, Christian talks about the ugly repetitiveness of, and lack of learning from, American history and his thoughts on writing “political” songs


At about 58:55, Christian talks about the July 26, 2021, release date for his upcoming album!


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