Episode 78 with Adam O‘Fallon Price, Skilled Tactician of Voice and Narrative, and 2020 Edgar Award Winner for Best Paperback Original, The Hotel Neversink


Episode 78 Notes and Links to Adam O’Fallon Price’s Work


      On Episode 78 of The Chills at Will Podcast, Pete welcomes master of narrative and integrating multiple voices, Adam O’Fallon Price. Adam and Pete discuss, among other topics, his unique path to professional writerdom, “ ‘Eureka’ ” moments on the way, his interesting take on “sentence writers” versus “paragraph writers,” and the skillful ways in which Adam built in slow dread and pathos into his award-winning The Hotel Neversink.


        Adam O’Fallon Price is the author of two novels, The Grand Tour (Doubleday, 2016) and The Hotel Neversink (Tin House Books, 2019). His short fiction has appeared in The Paris Review, VICE, The Kenyon Review Online, Glimmer Train, Narrative, EPOCH, The Iowa Review, and many other places. His essay and criticism have appeared in The Paris Review Daily, Ploughshares, Electric Literature, and The Millions, where he is a staff writer.


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Adam O’Fallon Price’s Website


An Interview with Adam O’Fallon Price


About 3:00, Adam talks about his North Carolina allegiance and the die-hard basketball fans of the state


About 6:00, Adam talks about his relationship with the written word and his circuitous route through music to writing screenplays, which helped him improve his narrative style before getting into the creative writing 


About 8:15, Adam talks about the idea of “transportive” literature, especially experienced in childhood


About 9:30, Adam talks about the interesting idea of “sentence writers and readers” and “paragraph readers and writers,” fleshed out in group chats with fellow writers


About 12:20, Pete asks Adam about how seeing himself as a “paragraph writer” affects his editing process


At about 14:05, Pete asks Adam how the screenwriter student in him comes out in his fiction


At about 17:15, Pete and Adam discuss the cliched On The Road, referencing Adam’s appearance on the great I’m a Writer But


At about 18:35, Adam compares and contrasts music and writing, taking into consideration his many years of band experience


At about 19:25, Adam discusses a “ ‘Eureka’ moment” involving a short story that he felt was complete and gave him a sense of accomplishment


At about 21:55, Pete wonders if Adam can trace an evolution/change from his early writing to his current writing


At about 23:55, Adam reflects on his initial thoughts on early publishing and the subjective nature of publishing 


At about 26:10, Adam speaks about “seeking out stories”


At about 29:00, Adam responds to Pete’s question about which writing/writers his college students respond to, including Erin Somers, Brandon Taylor, and other great work from Joyland Magazine


At about 33:05, Adam talks about ideas of art versus commercialism and failure as themes in his 2016 book, The Grand Tour


At about 34:30, Adam juxtaposes the euphoria of publishing his first book versus the anxiety that comes with the book being out in the world


At about 37:10, Adam responds to questions about The Hotel Neversink and how the award-winning book doesn't fit a horror genre and the seeds of the book and how he started it


At about 42:00, Pete highlights some understated dynamite lines from Adam’s book


At about 43:15, Pete asks Adam about the genesis of the family arc as a story of a Jewish family


At about 46:35, Pete and Adam discuss the basis of success hardened by hardship and sin as a major theme of the book


At about 49:15, Pete describes Adam’s skill with taking on different voices for the book, and Adam discusses how he unified the book with all of the voices, including some fun comedy


At about 52:20, Pete asks Adam about the ease of writing a dark text that touched upon horror, and how his agent asked him to make a collection of linked stories into a novel


At about 56:55, the two discuss the saying “It’s always scarier before the monster shows up” in relation to the novel, and how Adam looks to create a “slow sense of dread”


At about 58:35, Pete recommends a movie poster possibility for The Hotel Neversink


At about 59:05, Pete connects the sense of dread from Adam’s novel to the classic story “Where are You Going, Where Have You Been?”


At about 1:01:00, Pete and Adam discuss the ending as possibly a happy one


At about 1:02:55, Pete talks about a crazy connection to flashlights and the novel


At about 1:03:35, Adam talks about upcoming projects, including a “more conventional mystery” novel


At about 1:04:50, Adam discusses his penchant for silence when he writes 


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